Hopyard Additions

Well, Saturday I received my new hop rhizomes from freshops.   Previously I had one each of Cascade and Centennial which I have used the last 2 years in my fall IPAs.   I really wanted to add some hops I could age for lambics and also use in a variety of belgian and sour beers.   I also wanted something that had a decent yield and would hopefully grow fairly well in the northern Illinois climate….After a bit of research I decided on Mt Hood and Willamette.

Mt Hood is a Hallertauer hybrid and is generally regarded as a good substitute for many of the european/noble hops.  (specifically Hallertauer, Liberty, Crystal,  and Strisselspalt)

Willamette is a Fuggle hybrid also generally considered a good substitute for a variety of european/noble hops.  (specifically Styrian Golding, Target, Fuggle, Tettnanger, and Glacier)

Both Mt. Hood and Willamette are higher yielding and more vigorous than the parent varieties, and from what I have read, should do pretty well in my area.

I am hoping to harvest enough each year that I can brew a few Belgian style ales or German lagers, but also put some away to age for future year’s lambic production.  This being the first year I am not expecting much so I will not split the harvest and either use them all in a tripel or put them away for a lambic in a couple of  years.

I am hoping to get these in the ground this weekend once I find a good spot in the yard.  The Centennial and Cascade are doing quite well where they are so I will probably put these in that general vicinity (South side of house)

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