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one more spring hops update

Well, good news….the Mt hood has grown a bit and the Willamette has finally sprouted.   I was worried I planted them a bit early as we got some snow and a freeze after I planted them this spring.  The cascade and centennial have been trimmed back and trained onto the twine and are both doing great.  Anyway, last hops photos until we get some cones and harvest time.   I did cut and pull some shoots which I then planted in a pot to see if they would take…worst case is I have a pot full of dirt to use for tomatoes or something…otherwise I will have a cascade and centennial plant I can either give away or keep in pots.   The pinkish flowers are chive plants which were recommended as a plant to help deter the Japanese beetles.  We’ll see, but I am betting more on the insecticidal soap, and/or the squashing under my shoes as a deterrent.

taproom update

Drywall is up and taping is in progress….hopefully paint in a week or so, and then bar construction.   Received the drip trays for the taps this week.

it was a good day

I finally got to drink some AK.

Picked up our “shipment” of beer from out west.   If only Midnight Sun & Glacier Brewhouse had wider distribution….oh well, have to make do with the Alaskan Brewing products until we go back up there.

Also got some other goodies not available here

oh and here’s that first lineup with about some of the roughly 40 lbs of venison we brought back as well

taproom progress

taproom, well, because “man cave” sounds creepy.   Progress is being made as all rough inspections were passed after a little additional work.   The goal is to have a tv room at one end, a bar at the other, and a bathroom & storage/fermentation room/cellar in between.      Hoping to have it completed and ready for business sometime in August.  (hopefully sooner, but the way we have been going with suppliers/contractors…..August is probably a safer bet)

A view from the stairway:

Future location of the bar:

The BIG-ASS TV goes here:

The TV’s view of the room:

johnny impatient (aka FRESH beer)

Ok, these were just kegged the other day, but I couldn’t wait.    Pumpkin Fly and the hoppy amber….

Delicious, but still some chunks as I only have pulled about half a pint off each and they were both dryhopped with over an ounce of hops each.   I am guessing after a couple full pints they will clear up considerably (at least the last one did) Surprised the amber is not as thin as expected since we had a fairly low mash temp…must be all the crystal malt in it.

And not that it really matters to me, but some people seem to like lacing on their glass….