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plan on kegging a batch of cider, doppelbock, and berliner weisse as well as bottling a flanders red tomorrow….been a while! Planning on bottling another flanders red and an oud bruin next weekend and brewing the harvest IPA, a hefeweizen, 2 flanders reds and an oud bruin next weekend as well so plenty of updates to come.

oh, it’s on….

Well, after changing my mind a dozen times, I decided to brew the Vindicator Doppelbock again for this year’s party. Lagering for a month after fermentation isn’t ideal, but the last 2 were pretty good fresh as I sampled, so hopefully this year’s will be too. Being so busy lately I had finally set aside time this coming weekend to brew it. Yesterday I saw that the weekend forecast was calling for mid to upper 90′s so I decided to brew it tonight while it was still only in the upper 70s.

It actually went pretty well considering I haven’t brewed in a while and I needed to chill the beer down to near 50 with the ground water a balmy 63. To do that I used both chillers and recirculated the CFC back into the kettle for about 15 minutes before running off to the fermenter, which then sat in a tub of ice for another 30 minutes and then we were good to go.

I actually ended up a little high on the OG (21-22 plato), but it was fine because I was shooting for the lower end of the doppelbock range, so now it’s more in the middle. I also had a bit of a change on the recipe to account for grain I didn’t have, namely caramunich 60 which I subbed some Weyermann caramunich II that was in the 42-49 lovibond range and then added a pinch of carafa special to make up the color and some crystal 80 to make up the malt. Additionally, I couldn’t get any Wyeast 2206 so I ended up with the 2124….first time using that so it will be interesting to see how it works out. I really like the 2206 though, so I wasn’t too happy about not finding any. Actually someone cleaned out the one store by purchasing the four packs they had left only a couple hours before I got there….oh well.

I was reminded how much I hate weeknight brewing in the summer….mosquitos, the heat, and now it’s starting to get dark a little earlier. I think I will try to stick to weekends once we get the rest of the basement complete.

Here’s the recipe (when I get time I will add the promash files for all these, but this will have to do for now) for the Vindicator:

Munich Malt 70.7%
Pilsen Malt 21.3%
Weyermann Caramunich II 6.5%
Carafa Special II “just a pinch”
Crystal 80 1.5%

Hallertau 11.2 IBU @ 60min
Hersbrucker 8.1 IBU @ 60min
Hallertau 5.7 IBU @ 30min

Wyeast 2124 had a 2L starter with 2 packs, and an additional pack with no starter.

Fermenting @ 50


OK, Been a while…..between work on the house and being out of town, there hasn’t been much new on the brewing front. Hopefully I will have some updates over the next several days which will include a hops update, bottling of the flanders reds, brewing of the Vindicator Doppelbock, a tasting of the oktoberfest beer for this years party, and perhaps a couple more items as well.