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Sour tasting 9/24

Sour Tasting 9/25

I had the chance on Saturday to sample 5 of the sour beers that I currently have fermenting.

Lambic – This one was brewed almost a year ago as part of a 15 gallon batch. It has been aging in a corny keg for the entire secondary fermentation. This one pours a hazy straw color. The smell is funk and a bit of lactic, as is the taste….really funky…could be a bit more tart so I will probably end up leaving this one until after the new year. I have 2 corny kegs with the wyeast lambic blend and 1 keg with a custom blend of bugs that were all made under the same base batch.

Sour Blonde – This one was brewed back in February 2009. This one is crystal clear, with a slight acidity and hint of brett flavor. This is really too light flavored currently so I may add some fresh wort and rouse the bugs up to try and get them going a bit more.

Flanders #1 – This one pours a crystal clear amber color. The flavor is not overly sour, but tart and has some brett character as well as a bit of caramel from the caramunich malt. Really quite good.

Flanders #2 – This pours just a touch darker than the previous flanders red. Flavor is very similar, but perhaps a bit more funk and better depth of flavors. This one was primaried with the Roselare blend from Wyeast while the previous was fermented through with a traditional yeast, and secondaried with Roselare. Both of these are about 14 months old.

Oud Bruin – This one was brewed back at the end of June 2009. This beer pours a good bit darker than the flanders, more of a brown with hints of red. This is my favorite of the 5 at this time. I pitched at a higher rate of bugs for this one as the gravity was quite a bit higher and it is showing. Even more depth of flavor and a bit more tartness to it. This one was also the only one fermented in a bucket as opposed to a better bottle.

I think the two Flanders reds and the oud bruin are where they need to be and so I will bottle them at the end of this week. I plan on repitching on the bruin and one of the flanders reds, so I will be re-brewing those this week as well in order to re-use the yeast. The Lambic needs more time as does the blonde. In fact the blonde may get some dregs and/or fresh wort to try and sour it up a bit more.

Another 5 for 5

5 For 5   

Founders Harvest Ale
Fragrant, Floral, sweet, hoppy, fantastic

Port Brewing Panzer
Noble, yellow, spicy, alcohol, sweet

Rochefort 6
brown, caramel, plum, carbonation, yeast

Fox River Brewing Company Caber Tossing Scottish Ale
amber, malt, thin, caramel, drinker

Surly Cynic
orangish, spicy, crisp, fruity, dry

5 for 5

No, not the Arby’s deal (though what’s with the $5.01???)

5 words for 5 different beers I got to sample this weekend.

Lost Abbey Serpents Stout
viscous, chocolate, roast, big, opaque

New Glarus Old English Porter
acetic, roasty, rodenbach, dry, delicious

The Bruery Saison Rue
copper, brett, dry, spice, malt

The Bruery Orchard White
fruit, smooth, white, lavender, light

Ommegang Ommegeddon
orange, brett, hops, dry, citrus

All five were above average with the Old English Porter and Saison Rue being the most interesting to me.

Bandwagon hops

So, I received the pound of Citra hops I ordered from Freshops, now what to do with them…
The obvious and easy answer is an IPA.  I am thinking bittering with Columbus or Chinook and then use Citra for the rest of the kettle hop additions and dry-hopping. I will probably mash enough for 10 gallons and do side by side brews to compare the hops with my usual IPA blend of Centennial/Cascade/Simcoe.
From what I am reading about the Citra flavor profile and what I could gather from the Sierra Nevada Torpedo 6 pack I had earlier this summer, these hops might be interesting in a Belgian style as well.  So, I am also thinking something like a Wit, Golden Strong or Tripel lightly hopped with Citra.  This might also be a good time to try some Brettanomyces along with a hoppier brew such as Ommegang’s Ommegeddon or Jolly Pumpkin’s E.S. Bam….so perhaps I’ll brew another double batch and leave half straight and then the other half will get a dose of Brettanomyces of some sort and additional Citra for dryhopping….
Looks like I need to get the construction aftermath cleaned up in the garage for a couple of brews next week.