Bandwagon hops

So, I received the pound of Citra hops I ordered from Freshops, now what to do with them…
The obvious and easy answer is an IPA.  I am thinking bittering with Columbus or Chinook and then use Citra for the rest of the kettle hop additions and dry-hopping. I will probably mash enough for 10 gallons and do side by side brews to compare the hops with my usual IPA blend of Centennial/Cascade/Simcoe.
From what I am reading about the Citra flavor profile and what I could gather from the Sierra Nevada Torpedo 6 pack I had earlier this summer, these hops might be interesting in a Belgian style as well.  So, I am also thinking something like a Wit, Golden Strong or Tripel lightly hopped with Citra.  This might also be a good time to try some Brettanomyces along with a hoppier brew such as Ommegang’s Ommegeddon or Jolly Pumpkin’s E.S. Bam….so perhaps I’ll brew another double batch and leave half straight and then the other half will get a dose of Brettanomyces of some sort and additional Citra for dryhopping….
Looks like I need to get the construction aftermath cleaned up in the garage for a couple of brews next week.

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