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Sour tasting 9/24

Sour Tasting 9/25

I had the chance on Saturday to sample 5 of the sour beers that I currently have fermenting.

Lambic – This one was brewed almost a year ago as part of a 15 gallon batch. It has been aging in a corny keg for the entire secondary fermentation. This one pours a hazy straw color. The smell is funk and a bit of lactic, as is the taste….really funky…could be a bit more tart so I will probably end up leaving this one until after the new year. I have 2 corny kegs with the wyeast lambic blend and 1 keg with a custom blend of bugs that were all made under the same base batch.

Sour Blonde – This one was brewed back in February 2009. This one is crystal clear, with a slight acidity and hint of brett flavor. This is really too light flavored currently so I may add some fresh wort and rouse the bugs up to try and get them going a bit more.

Flanders #1 – This one pours a crystal clear amber color. The flavor is not overly sour, but tart and has some brett character as well as a bit of caramel from the caramunich malt. Really quite good.

Flanders #2 – This pours just a touch darker than the previous flanders red. Flavor is very similar, but perhaps a bit more funk and better depth of flavors. This one was primaried with the Roselare blend from Wyeast while the previous was fermented through with a traditional yeast, and secondaried with Roselare. Both of these are about 14 months old.

Oud Bruin – This one was brewed back at the end of June 2009. This beer pours a good bit darker than the flanders, more of a brown with hints of red. This is my favorite of the 5 at this time. I pitched at a higher rate of bugs for this one as the gravity was quite a bit higher and it is showing. Even more depth of flavor and a bit more tartness to it. This one was also the only one fermented in a bucket as opposed to a better bottle.

I think the two Flanders reds and the oud bruin are where they need to be and so I will bottle them at the end of this week. I plan on repitching on the bruin and one of the flanders reds, so I will be re-brewing those this week as well in order to re-use the yeast. The Lambic needs more time as does the blonde. In fact the blonde may get some dregs and/or fresh wort to try and sour it up a bit more.