Kriek Sample

So I decided to sample the Kriek (Cherry Lambic) that has been fermenting away since the CO2 production has drastically decreased.  The beer has a terrific red color, and a very nice balanced flavor.  It could have perhaps used a bit more cherry flavor, but has a nice sour and cherry/sweet flavor at the same time.  When this is brewed again, I will likely increase the cherry additions to 2.5 lbs/gallon from 2.0 lbs/gallon.  I also think for fruit lambic batches going forward, I am going to have to use slightly larger fermenters to account for the additional space taken up by the fruit.  This beer is good as-is, so I will likely bottle it next week.   I think for this year, I will also hope to do a peach/apricot lambic, cranberry lambic, and another batch of the framboise I tested out last summer.   I currently have 2 batches of base lambic in process I can use for two of these, but the third will have to wait a bit as I will be a bit short, unless I take some from the barrel.

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