Sunday, I decided that I should do a little smoked malt experiment next weekend.   I have some of the cherry wood smoked malt that Briess produces.   I also have a smoker and a variety of wood to use with the smoker.   I decided on using apple wood and cold smoking some maris otter pale malt which I will use in a smoked porter to compare the two malts.  I ended up smoking my malt in two batches for an hour per batch.   I moistened the malt by spraying it with distilled water before putting it on and then again at 30 minutes, or halfway through.

In comparison, my malt is a bit lighter in color, which makes me wonder if Briess uses a hot smoking method as their grain is a bit darker, almost red looking.    The aroma is noticeably different between the two, with the Briess smelling a  bit more sweet, and candy-like.  I am still working out the recipe, but I think I will stick to using the same proportion of smoked malt in both batches regardless of how it seems like the malt will impact the beer (right now I am guessing the Briess will provide a sweeter flavor and a bit more pronounced smoke flavor as well).    That way, I can either adjust the smoking process or the recipe formulation later to increase/decrease the smoke levels.  I’ll provide an update in a few weeks with tasting notes & comparisons between the two.

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