Long Time, No Post….

I haven’t brewed much since my last post mainly due to the cold and snowy winter we had this year. The Belgian Quadruple keg kicked, but I managed to save 3 bottles worth.   The 2 porters are about done as well, so I will be bottling a bit of those as well to save for some people to try at a future date.   I did manage to brew a saison and golden strong that are on tap now.  I reserved half of the saison and added orange peel which I will need to sample this week, as it may be time to move it to a keg.   Additionally, I have an amber/alt going as well as an IPA which are both scheduled to be kegged this weekend.   The big news though is that I scored a freshly emptied whiskey barrel a couple months ago, which is now sitting full of an imperial stout.   I basically took the recipe that I used for the sour stout, but replaced about half of the roasted barley with a blend of chocolate malts.  It should come in around 9% and will be very dark.  It tasted great fresh, and again after about 2 weeks in the barrel.   I will probably take another sample in a few weeks and see if it’s getting close.   This was a 30 gallon barrel so it wasn’t as much work to fill as the wine barrels which was nice, however I need to keep an eye on it so the oak/whiskey flavors don’t become too overwhelming.  The next few brews will likely be all old recipes to refill/top off the sour and stout barrels as the kegerator will be full once the IPA and amber go on tap.  Lastly, I did a little yard work on Saturday, and didn’t see any hop shoots popping through yet.   I am fine with that as I need to build a new trellis after disassembling the old one last fall.

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